The company UMD GmbH was founded in May 1976 in Berlin. After a short time we recognised that the Hamburg Freeport with its special status governed by customs and excise law would offer huge opportunities for our business activities.

For this reason we relocated the head office of our company to the historic seafaring city of Hamburg. The Port of Hamburg is today one of the leading European marine trading centres and one of the most important container ports in the world.

We are specialised in exporting and distributing premium quality pet food, animal feed, feed additives, vitamins, minerals, vaccines and pharmaceuticals for animals produced by German and European manufacturers to the countries of the Middle East.

It is a matter of particular concern to us to improve the well-being and health of pets, production animals and breeding animals in this region.

Our 40-years’ experience and our wholly-owned foreign subsidiaries with their young, dynamic teams of employees, enable us to react quickly to market fluctuations in these countries and to respond to individual customer requirements.

If it is a question of forging new relationships or marketing products in this region, we are the right partner for you. If you are interested please call us or complete our contact form.